2019 Policy Priorities

Last week, the Virginia House of Delegates convened for its 400th legislative session; we are home to the oldest, continuous, representative body in America. we embark upon this historic session, there are a number of bills that have been introduced that will attempt to enhance our public schools in the Commonwealth. Virginia Excels is closely following educational legislation and conversing daily with legislators and their staffs encouraging them to put the best interests of students first.

We are committed to advocating for legislation that is best for kids – that is our north star. We promise to support policies and programs that are community-informed, student-centered, and research-backed.

Our legislative agenda will be published after the filing deadline (1/18), but here are our priorities for the 2019 session:

Funding Equity and Additional ResourcesIn Virginia, our schools need more resources, to offer better and safer schools, to prepare stronger students for the ever-changing global economy. Everything around us is changing, and we must show that we truly value education in the Commonwealth. Virginia Excels will continue to commit to enhancing public education in the Commonwealth by putting kids first. 

High Expectations and Consistent MeasurementWe must improve the ways we assess schools in order to provide stakeholders with the necessary information to make informed decisions moving forward.

Our staff and fellows from our inaugural Parent Advocacy Fellowship will be at the General Assembly often this winter fighting for the best interests of students and families - We hope that you will join us in the movement!

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