Virginia Excels serves as a platform for communities across Virginia to shape public education by advocating for policies and practices that are good for kids, families and communities.


Photo by gpointstudio/iStock / Getty Images

Our Vision

We work for the day when every student in the Richmond region and across the Commonwealth has equitable access to an excellent public education, regardless of race or family income.


Our Focus

In our pursuit of educational equity, we concentrate on policies and practices that advance racial and socioeconomic justice—both in and around schools—so that every child has the chance she deserves.



Our Approach

We serve as a resource for facts, research and best practices in public education so that our entire community can access information about critical issues facing our students and schools.

We partner with those closest to public schools—families, communities, service providers and educators—to determine the greatest obstacles to our children’s academic success and to identify solutions with the greatest potential to advance educational equity.

Through research and engagement with a national network of experts, we identify opportunities to remove these barriers and set up our children, especially those from historically underserved backgrounds, for lifelong success.

Together with our partners, we provide opportunities for our community to advocate for changes in policy, practice and culture that foster equity and excellence for our students and families